Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Biblical Illiteracy is for Real and So is Chicken Prolapse

 My post is late
My attitude is bad
Overloaded is my plate
And this poem is sad, sad, sad

 Wasn't I doing a good job keeping my posts up to date every Monday? Too bad it came to an end.  

 You know I love Spring. I do, I do, I doooooo! But, Spring also brings its wagon full of work and at the end of the day, I crash into bed asleep. Sometimes the fodder in my life gets too piled up with manure and sometimes that is not an analogy, it is literal. Chicken coop gets full of chicken manure, duck pen full of duck manure, backyard full of pig and dog manure, fish tank full of fish manure and someone has to clean it up. The funny stories and biblical applications get lost. 

 Some spare time must have cropped up because I read a lot of the Heaven is for Real responses. People...come on. Why must you validate my theories on unicorns? God's Word is divine, inspired Truth. All others are in vain, desperate spoofs with no eternal benefit.

 All ridiculous things must come to an end and I had to take care of a sick chicken. This is my first sick chicken and it is one of my favorite ones, too, so double whammy. Once I caught her, which is no easy feat, I had to hold her in warm water for 15 minutes. Are you getting a visual? 

 Little Miss Brownie the Frizzle chicken seemed to be egg bound but upon thorough examination, it seems she has prolapse of her vent. She had to have her insides pushed back in basically, then rubbed with some soothing hemorrhoid cream. Now she has to rest a few days in a dark, quiet place until she recovers. Yes, I realize that rubbing Preparation H on a chicken's backside is weird and funny.

 The whole experience has made me think though...

 If, and I use that term loosely, some true Christians believe that Heaven is for Real validates the reality of Heaven then maybe they have prolapse, too. Maybe they strained so hard to answer other people's questions about Heaven without checking the Bible that their brain just slid right out of place. Maybe someone should put them in a quiet, dark place with a Bible until they recover.

 But then again, maybe experiences are not what we should use to determine Truth.

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