Monday, May 27, 2013

Compatibility or Compromise...or are they one in the same?

  First, let me say that I make no claims to being an expert in doctrine or theology. I only know a few Greek and Hebrew words and must rely on others educated in such or Strong's concordance when I examine words.  But, I am perplexed. When is it okay to seek man's opinion about what kind of man to appoint as pastor? Is there biblical support for taking a survey of people's opinions? 

  Of course, I relish giving my opinion on topics. Eagerly, I jump into discussions open for debate but this time, I paused. Yes, I know exactly what kind of pastor I would love to have and would love to tell anyone my opinion and persuade them but would it be right?

  As I seriously considered these questions  next to God's Word this past week, I became increasingly convinced that Truth indicates that it is never wise. My opinion is not a reliable source for determining something of a divine nature and, logically, no one else's is either. The more you look at God's Word, you see that any time man has aspired to determine what is  best for himself, the more he moves farther from God. Dare I say that he has enters the realm of idolatry? On top of all of that is the glaring fact that God has already determined what a pastor should be like in His Word.

  So why a survey? This is what I asked recently and I added my concerns from God's Word. The reply was polite but lacked biblical support. It gave the reason but not a godly foundation. They took the survey themselves and discussed it before they gave it out. The results will be a resource but not "the primary resource" for sorting through resumes. The benefit, it was said, was that a pastor could determine if he was compatible to the church. 

  It did not answer my concerns. Is it right to seek man's opinion? Is it right to seek a man who is looking to be compatible? Looking at all the Bible, I never see God take a poll of what the people want. Quite contradictory, I see God appoint a least likely chosen leader and then give him a message that is convicting and correcting. Do I want a man seeking man's ideal or one seeking to be compatible with God's Word? 

  Obviously, my heart would love a pastor that was cool to hang out with and a buddy to everyone but that is my selfish desire. My mind knows that what I need is a pastor who is exactly what God says he should be. So, I ask the Lord, "Please do not give me what I want or what another person wants. Give me what You know I need."

  This applies to all the areas of my life because I realize that I survey myself all the time. My survey determines that I do not want to be in the position of struggling with a difficult child or sickness or relationships. My survey says that I would prefer to have an easy road with peace as the most important characteristic and chocolate as the most important element. Hmmm...anyone see a problem with my opinion???

  Let me recognize God's hand in all of my life that I desire His will and His sovereignty. Let me lay aside my opinion and the desire to spread it. Instead, give me God's wisdom and let me spread His Word.