Monday, September 5, 2016

The Basics of Need

  Not many things in life are truly needs. Air, food, water, rest, and shelter keep us living here on earth and Jesus gives us eternal life. Anything else is outside the realm of need no matter how strongly we feel, right?

 Of course, each need can be broken down into specific requirements. For example, we need water but particularly, we require water that is clean. We need rest but specifically, we need a good amount of uninterrupted sleep. 

 I am not getting this at the moment, not because I am not able to sleep but because Jellybean's feeding pump has decided to revolt with an onslaught of obnoxious beeping every 30 minutes claiming to be clogged. Ahhh, technology. So, I have given up sleep at least until this feed ends in about 30 more minutes. 

 While I am sitting here in the dark, my mind is thinking of all the things with which God has blessed me. A lot of blessings in my life are outside of the realm of need and it is amazing that God not only thinks of our needs but goes even further. I am kind of a weirdo though. There are not a lot of things that I wish I had personally. My mind runs more towards being physically practical or helpful. When God sees fit to bless me with something that is beyond those two criteria, I tend to squirm in a writhing pool of awkward emotions. 

 And, maybe that is the point. Need goes beyond just the physical life sustaining substances. Need dives right down to the heart of the matter - God's will and His glory. True need is derived from not what keeps us alive but what God deems is His will for the moment. So, if I squirm at what God hands me that seems beyond practical or helpful, then there is a lesson to be learned that is needed for His purpose and that should be my desire. 

 Lord, let it be that you determine my need and provide for me accordingly. If it be that I am starving, let me not think only that I need bread but seek to know if Your will is for me to have peace even if I do not get bread. For if I am seeking first the kingdom of heaven, then my needs are much less earthly. Give me the vision that I may see difficult situations as not just a need for escape but possibly a need for the strength that I will gain by going through them with You. 

 More of You is what I truly need so I do not get distorted by just what I see. 

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