Thursday, September 1, 2016

Without Ruth...Not in Minnesota

  Driving hours across Iowa, one has lots of time to ponder things, lots of things. For some reason my thoughts were fixated on the word "ruthless" and the fact that it means without ruth. This lead me to think about Naomi and what would she have done without Ruth. She would have been a poor widow all alone far from family. BUT GOD did not leave her without Ruth and they were led to the kinsman redeemer. She was not left Ruth-less and gained mercy and love when she thought God was dealing bitterly with her. 

 God did not leave me without ruth on my trip. It was a little scary trekking across country with just me and Jellybean and all his medical accessories and special made food. He traveled better than I did actually. He rarely fussed and we were able to find nice, clean rest areas with large bathrooms that accommodated the stroller so he didn't have to sit on the dirty floor. 

 We finally arrived at our Minnesota destination after 2 overnight stops, Jellybean immediately took to everyone who loved on him bunches. My nephew was just home from his spine surgery and I was hoping to help. That evening my sister's pastor and his wife came over with groceries and it was such a sweet expression of love and compassion. 

 One job I got to do was remove his old bandage. This was without a doubt the hardest task. He was in such pain as I pulled up the adhesive that was literally like pulling up a layer of his skin. Afterward, he said that it was okay. He was so gracious with my fumblings. 

 Some friends texted me encouragement and prayers. It was always helpful and right when needed. Another example of love and compassion. 

 It was sad to leave, but my nephew was doing so great that when it came time to go, it made me happy that they didn't need extra help. I saw much love, compassion, and grace and more evidence that God never leaves us especially in the toughest times. 

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