Sunday, March 8, 2015

Viable or Not Viable? That is not a Question for Us

 Shocked and astounded, followed by a hard stare of utter confusion. That was my reaction to an incident that occurred during our latest hospital stay, which is still in progress. One evening as the nurse finished changing little jellybean's bed, it became evident that his IV site needed attention so the nurse went to get another nurse to help. The new nurse asked about his status as a preemie and when informed that he was a 24-weeker, she was surprised that he looked so good (chunky). She proceeded in conversing with the other nurse as if I was not there about jellybean's health concerns and felt comfortable to let this slide out of her mouth: "I am just not sure that I would consider a baby born at 24 weeks  viable." 

 What??? Enter shock and astonishment. 

 Obviously, this ex-24 week preemie is living and growing, so who are we to judge if a life is viable? I was upset and as I pondered on it that night, I realized something.

 We all do it, maybe not out loud but in our hearts and minds. We do it when we judge others by our own prejudices and self-righteousness. We do it when we speak evil by gossiping. We do it when we refuse to forgive. We also do it when we neglect to share Christ. Yet Christ so freely laid His life down for all.

 While sitting in this hospital room, I have done the thing that caused me to shudder. I have judged lives. This awkward moment has not been lost though because, for the moment, I am on high alert to catch myself and praying that the Spirit will do a greater work so that the only righteous judge of life's viability is glorified. 

I AM viable

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