Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Exactly as Easy as Pie...or Maybe Even Pi

 Being a Christian is easy as pie.

- A pie that relied on a good solid foundation to mold it perfectly and contain all the delicious contents so nothing leaks out and it does not collapse but also is a guide for the parts that do not fit and need to be cut off. 

- A pie made using a true recipe not made with pre-made crust or a dehydrated mix of un-nourishing things but with meticulously measured ingredients that are truly food, not substituting what one feels is better than what is in the recipe.

- A pie that required asking the original Creator to guide, instruct, strengthen, and correct you along the way.

- A pie that took time, work, sweat, and made a bit of a mess in the process, maybe even broke some dishes or nicked a finger.

- A pie that went through the heat of an oven for the perfect amount time and then was patiently cooled until it set.

- A pie that may or may not be worthy of a magazine cover but the aroma is ever so pleasing and the taste is even better

- A pie that produces delight for the One it is made. 

- A pie whose purpose includes being cut into, scooped out, devoured, and gone in the blink of an eye.

- A pie that, in the scheme of eternity, makes you joyous and realize that it was no hardship at all. 

 Okay, so it was cheesy but, now you are thinking of pie and when you eat some pie, you might think of this metaphor. I would have used the math metaphor but, really, pie is so much more fun and I do not enjoy math...hmmm, maybe that metaphor is worth looking into.

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