Friday, August 1, 2014

Coming Out of Your Shell

  In keeping with the advice to keep a blog, especially a new one, brief; I will attempt to make this short. 

  Not long ago someone close to me told me that my lack of talking pushed them away, even repulsed them. This was hard to take in. I am not a real chatty person unless I am nervous or have come across something intriguing. Otherwise, I struggle to have what some people would call chit chat. In social settings, my brain screams at me to think of something, anything to say which just increases the tension, and in turn makes me incapable of thinking at all. So, yeh, usually I end up saying something weird or dumb or nothing at all.

 Today, this person's revelation rang loudly in my head and so I walked through the woods and by the creek pondering what I should do. As I tried to drive my thoughts back to all things honorable, just, true, pure, and praiseworthy, I saw this guy:
 Usually, I only see the left behind skin that cicadas disperse with once they get above ground and break free with wings to fly. This guy was suspended in between his old life and the new and he did not seem to be in a rush about it. How fitting. I seem to be in the same position. The old me panicking over my awkwardness and the new me filled with all the power of the Holy Spirit. 

  Lord, let me not dishonor or misrepresent You because I drag around the old shell of who I used to be.

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