Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let Those who are Free of Triflin' Cast the First Stone

 This has been an extra busy week. Working with kids that have strong personalities...ok, disrespect and anger issues is a great way to thoroughly examine if your faith matches your talk or vice versa. You will definitely be squeezed and whatever is in there will come out. A little particle of hidden depravity can be exposed in a matter of seconds.

 After being shushed by a 13 year old and correcting him, I was left with the comment that all the volunteers were trippin'. Later as they listened to the verses about Jesus praying in the garden, the kids exclaimed that the disciples were triflin' because they ran off when Jesus was arrested. Earlier they had made this same exclamation when they heard that the crowd wanted Jesus to be crucified. It is easy to pass judgment on the folks in the Bible but don't we miss the point when we do this?

 All of us are triflin' and trippin' because we do the very same things that the people in the Bible did. Granted we are not literally screaming for Jesus to be crucified but ultimately that is what we do whenever we make choices between honoring Him or honoring self, when we choose to follow Him or give in to the world. Our choices are just as guilty of yelling for Jesus' death as any words. We are called to put to death our flesh, our personal Barrabas, and yet, many times, we choose to silence Christ in our life instead. 

 We should take the Bible and use it as tool to examine ourselves instead of a practice arena for judgment because had it literally been us back in the times of Christ, we probably would have been just as triflin'.

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