Monday, March 31, 2014

Stinky Ducks and Flunkin' Donuts

  In my long absence from the blog, this little piggy has been at work and sometimes just wallowing. Once again, God has vividly reminded me that He is in control and I do not have to be anxious over anything.

 The "farm" is growing. We lost one chicken this winter to a hawk, we think. We lost some trees in a hard freeze but we also planted 2 more apple trees, a plum tree, 2 blueberry bushes, and ordered bees that we will pick up in April. This month we also acquired 3 ducklings. It seemed like a good idea. They eat lots of bugs and lay lots of eggs but, right at this moment, their benefits seem less valuable in light of their aroma and mess. I am counting down the days until they can go outside. God made ducks to be in the great outdoors for sure.

  In my herb searching, many nifty and cheap ideas for cleaning have come across my path. Vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are my new found cleaning weapons. Black tea and orange essential oil are the go-to for wood floor cleaning. Vinegar and tea tree oil are knocking out the mold that was pre-existing in our shower when we moved in. I made my own little piggy labels for the bottles of my creations. It is exciting to see something you made work and do the job really well. Of course, all credited goes to God because essentially, He made the tea, baking soda, and well...everything.

  I have this very vague idea of somehow incorporating all this into my study on Proverbs for women. It is fueled by my passion for Titus 2, of course. Spring is more than just cleaning my house. It really is more of determining how God wants to use me and preparing myself to be used. Examining our hearts is much more profitable than dusting the fan blades and washing the drapes (although do not neglect these chores too long). There is nothing more important than spreading God's glory and it should consume us.

  If you are interested in spreading God's glory to women you come across, try teaching some skill you have or sharing some talent. Women today, particularly younger women, need older women to come along side them, encourage them, and teach them. Meal planning and living on a budget are two things that younger women get really excited about least the women I have come across do.  In my next posts I will share some of my new secrets and you can share them with someone else. 

  Please do NOT think that I am super Susie Homemaker, far from it. Sometimes I do things and they do not go so well and when I fail, it is always giant. Take for instance this morning. My daughter is up at 7:30...never happens. She wants donuts and not just any donuts but donuts like Krispy Kreme. This is no easy feat in gluten-free form. We found a recipe guaranteed to work and it was intense. It took lots of our gluten-free mix and 2 hours of rising. Two hours later though they had only risen a tiny bit but we tossed them in the oil with high hopes. Nope. What came out looked like deep-fried pineapple rings and they tasted (oh yes, we did try to eat them anyway) like glazed rocks. Not particularly what I wanted with my cup of coffee. Needless to say, my daughter was unsatisfied as well and reminded me that she had not a real donut in over a year. Poor kid.

   Yes, I have gotten on this soapbox before but it is sooooo important. If you do not believe that this is your job just read Titus 2 or look at the story of Ruth and Naomi. Some things men are just not experienced at because God made them different, i.e. birthing children, breastfeeding, how to be a wife. In our culture today, these skills are not being taught a lot of times. 

  Step up ladies. Sure you may have things in your life that aren't so pretty, like stinky ducks and failed donuts, but use it for the glory of God. What can be gained from someone thinking you have a perfect life. Women need to know how to deal with life's situations in a Christ-like manner. Live out your relationship with Christ for all to see. It can be done.

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