Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Wanted to Lose Weight Not My Body & Mind


  Yes, I am in dried-up fern mode again. Exhaustion from traveling, moving furniture, hosting an impromptu yard sale, and handling issues from my step-dad running off does not help when you have left your church. Definitely not a decision to rush into but examining the Scripture shows that it is better to search after Truth than to sit under error. Not being in a collective Body of like-minded believers has really worn on me. My nails are chewed to always. My eating habits are in a weird cycle ranging from not eating to eating anything that will hold still. 

  Yes, I have found a clear understanding of why God insists that we be in church, in a Body.  Please let it be that I one day transform into an easy learner! But, I'll probably forever (on earth, anyways) need to learn lessons the hard way.

 (one day...maybe)

  Any strong believers out there want to kick my behind into spiritual shape???? Thankfully my righteousness is not mine at all but Christ's and the reason God loves me at all is because He looks upon me and sees Christ. This baffles me and yet, comforts me at the same time. That calls for a happy sigh...

  My niece is staying with me and she is an energetic distraction from all things. I am trying to keep her busy for 2 weeks but it seems I am no longer in touch with how much energy it takes to keep up with someone who is not even in double digits yet.!!!

  Our foster daughter has accomplished some life skills. She completed driving school and we hope to get her permit if we can get the doggone JR22 from the insurance company. She also got a job and starts tomorrow. The position might not be ideal - a restaurant hostess. We'll see. She started school this week, too. They have tightened up the rules this year. Please do not let me meet the new principal the first month of school! The rules are she has to keep her grades at C or above and she cannot get in trouble at school to keep her job and be able to practice driving. A little leverage always helps. 

  Our daughter also got a job at the same place but in a different position and working different times. Hopefully, she can keep up with the demands of it and school. Lyme and Rocky Moutain Spotted Fever have really knocked her down this summer with the Cowden treatment. She's maintained some functionality but there are bad days. Hoping the herx reactions ease up soon.

  Is there any rest or peace? Yes! Yes, there is!

    Today I rest, not in an entire gluten-free dutch baby pancake (I did eat one piece and it was yummy!), but in Christ who comforts me and His Word which leads me. My fronds are unfurling again...


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