Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates & Congestive Craft Failure

  Just FYI...we tested the detox experiment. It is still working to give my daughter some sleep. Some nights are better than others but just to prove to ourselves that it is the drops working, we did not do the extra drops one day. Guess what??? No sleep. Needless to say, she got extra drops the next day. So we trudge on and we will have to order extra bottles of Burbur, Pinella, Parsley, and Sparga. Amazon has them with Prime shipping so yea me!!!


  A little confession...

  I LOVE making crafts! What's the big deal you say? Well, my crafting impulse is on overload thanks to the internet. Drat you Etsy, Pinterest, and Google plus a few blogs I read!!! I want to make everything for everyone for Christmas. Then when the realization hits that besides not having enough money to buy all the supplies, there is not enough hours in the day to finish them all I am overwhelmed. 

  Reusable snack bags? Who wouldn't love them? Scoodie? Absolutely! Cuddly Owl Bed Warmer? Too cute not to make!

  When I finally do narrow it down and get the supplies, self-doubt creeps in and I sluggishly start my projects. Eventually, this becomes dread and production screeches to a halt. Here's a good example of what I fear: 
  Some of my friends would accept such a gift and attempt a smile that ends up looking like they just took a big dose of Creomulsion. (Did you ever have to take this vile stuff as a kid? The name alone conjures up ideas of the reaction to the taste.) Others would blandly thank me as they made a mental note to avoid me from now on to eternity and a few would laugh and say, "You are so funny. I can't wait to give this to someone else as a gag gift!" I would fake a laugh and then exile myself to the couch in my pj's for weeks watching episodes of DIY shows and crying.
  Sensitive much? Yes!

  So I am narrowing my crafting down to a few lucky souls and they will only get ONE handmade item from me. Could it be you? 

  What I really want to be sure of is that I balance the crafts with time seeking after God. It would be really great if I actually tipped the scales more on seeking God in His Word. The truth is that I would be a much better friend and a lot less sensitive if I did. Even though a scoodie is probably the most awesome thing I have seen, in the scheme of eternity it is nothing. God never says, "If you love me, craft from sun up to sun down." He  does tell us to love Him, keep His Word and obey Him. There is also the part about loving others but I am not sure a hand-crafted 3 tiered tea cup platter is what He meant.

  Lord, let me above all else honor You. Let me seek first Your face then I shall know how to bless those You put in my path a lot better than anything made from fleece or felt. 

  If you are suffering from Congestive Craft Failure, challenge yourself to pick a book of the Bible to study and really dig into finding out what God is saying to you and about Himself. Take notes as you go, search out the Hebrew or Greek translation of words, pray that God would reveal to you His meaning, research the history of what was happening. I double dare you to do it even through Thanksgiving! Let's see if the outcome is better than hours with a hot glue gun.

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