Monday, October 21, 2013

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!

  Praise God! Amen, Hallelujah! He is awesome! We have sleep!

  After much research and prayer, the trick to sleep came to me and I am absolutely sure it was divine inspiration. My brain was overloaded and frustration overwhelmed my ability to process any more articles, blog posts, research papers, comments on this herb or that supplement. I was at the end of myself and was thinking that my daughter just might have to suffer insomnia until the Lyme has completely died off. As I laid myself on the couch to regroup and pray, an idea hit me. It seemed so simple that I had doubts it would work but the thought of it was so powerful and clear that bedtime coming in 5 hours filled me with excitement. What if it really was the answer? 

  Never have I been this excited to get my child to sleep, not even during our middle of the night struggles with colic. Come on bedtime!

  Let me break down the idea for anyone who  may not use the Cowden Protocol for tick-borne illnesses. Tick-borne illnesses  frazzle the nervous system and this is the major cause of insomnia. When you start treatment, all that bacteria goes insane trying to fight for survival. When it starts to die off, the  bacteria releases toxins in the body and you feel sick, sick, sick (herxheimer reaction). Our daughter is 5 months into treatment with Cowden which is a natural way to treat Lyme. It is lots of drops taken 4 times a day carefully following a very specific schedule. In the protocol, there is always two different bacteria-killers that you rotate during the day and four different detox supplements that go along with them. If after taking one of your doses, you have a herx reaction (get worse symptoms), you take some of the detox drops every 15 minutes to clear up the symptoms. What impressed upon my brain was the idea that maybe, just maybe the insomnia is a herx because you take drops before dinner and drops before bed, so those bacteria are getting knocked around quite a bit right before you go to sleep. What if taking extra detox drops after the dinner drops and after bedtime drops relieved the insomnia? What if indeed!

  The first night I got her into a detox bath after dinner (Epsom salt and hydrogen peroxide). She took extra drops after dinner and after the bedtime  drops. She also took a dose of Melatonin and 5-HTP. I was so anxious to know if it worked, I barely slept. The next morning she was up on her own at 8 and she had slept! Not sleep that took forever to come or sleep that ended after a few hours but all night, full cycle sleep.

  Maybe it was a fluke so we did everything but the bath that night and it worked again. Guess what??? It also worked last night. If you do not use Cowden, you may want to try the detox supplements (they can be found on Amazon) - Burbur, Pinella, Parsley, Sparga. Take 10 drops of Burbur or take 10 drops each of Pinella, Parsley, Sparga. If you take Burbur first, then if you feel it necessary after 15 minutes take the Pinella, Parsley, and Sparga. Hopefully, this post helps someone else. I am praising God that He gave us an answer because I had given up. What an awesome and mighty God! 

  In praise, I offer this beautiful song by Brilliance which affirms the wonders of God. Enjoy!

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