Monday, June 13, 2016

A View from Suffering

 Follower of Jesus,
Be not anguished!
Think not that your suffering is
a chest padlocked and tossed into the depths
unknown to existence.

 Sorrow, suffering, broken-heartedness
is filleted layer by layer,
laid open wide before the sovereignty of God
placed under the microscope of 
the blood of Jesus.

 Sorrow, suffering, broken-heartedness
in Christ is cleaned,
although stinging, with righteousness
to heal and mend 
with the salve of pure love and grace. 

 Follower of Jesus,
He is always working.
The wounds of sin are 
no stranger to Him who bore 
those of the whole world and 
suffering is not lost without purpose.

 From this view, you can see eternity
and this is why joy can reside closely
with Sorrow, suffering, and broken-heartedness

 If you are not a follower of Jesus, know that you will know Him one way or the other, either in His grace and mercy or only under His judgment. He is not hiding His Truth from any. He is Lord of All. Just read Ephesians and ask God to show you His glory that you may see eternity and have the greatest of joy. 

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