Friday, July 24, 2015

Colorful Random Thoughts

 Why God? Why God? Why?

 Is not that the question that drives disbelief and faithlessness? 

 That was a rhetorical question...aren't all blog questions rhetorical though???

 I know the answer to the question anyway. Every time I examine myself when it arises and realize that it rears is ugly head whenever I do not like my circumstances. Oh yes, that kind of immaturity still exists in my faith. 

 Today as I sang praise songs at the top of my lungs on the way to another doctor appointment with jellybean, I started thinking about Noah and the flood. Many sermons exist that discuss the idea of the ark being a picture of Christ but what about the water flooding the earth as a picture of Christ. It washed away the sin in the world and doesn't Jesus do that? 

 As I drove on, I saw a rainbow flag over a dance club and those always make me want to yell, "The rainbow is God's." Although today a new thought struck me. Why was the rainbow adopted as a symbol for the homosexual community? Interesting question, so why?

 God used the rainbow as a promise that He would not destroy the world with a flood again but that was after He wiped out the sin and depravity that had overrun the earth. Could it be that using the rainbow is a way to try and throw God's promise back in His face? 

 Ok, ok, I know people doing it are not thinking of it that way but subconsciously and in the scheme of the enemy it makes sense to me. 

 The other thought I had was how awesome it is that every example of God punishing sin in the Old Testament has a match in the New Testament in Christ. The obvious one is the Passover but my mind wandered back further to the Garden of Eden and the eating of the forbidden fruit. Just look in the New Testament though, Jesus is the fruit that we can "taste and see" as the words of the Psalmist say. Instead of death, He brings life. Instead of opening our eyes to evil, He reveals holiness and righteousness. And, we are not told to question God as the serpent did to Adam and Eve in the Old Testament but see that He is really good. 

 Don't you just love that about God? He has had purpose in every thing and used it all to put His plan of love into motion and, yes, that means that He does still include correcting us because that is what a good father does. What a blessing and it seems waving a rainbow flag is a lovely thing to do when we are doing it to remember what a gracious, awesome God there is that gives us breath and life and meaning and grace and a chance for reconciliation. He is worthy to be praised and that always strengthens my faith and quiets my doubt. 

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